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Juliana is the Owner and Head Trainer at JW Dog Training and Behavior Consulting in Northern Virginia. She prioritizes active listening and compassion in her work with human clients, as a model to bring to the work done together with their dogs. Training sessions with her are fun and low stress for both the dog and human. Utilizing her knowledge of operant and classical conditioning, Juliana creates effective, easy-to-follow training plans that are designed to make the dogs and the people who care for them -- whether that is in a home, shelter or business -- successful.

Juliana uses number of different of tools when working to change behavior, including clicker training, play, real life rewards, management and more. She focuses on building and reinforcing desirable behavior, while also implementing structure and guidelines to decrease the occurrence of undesirable behavior.  Juliana uses this foundation and tailors training plans to the client's needs, whether it is basic manners or a more complex behavior issue such as fear, anxiety, leash-reactivity or aggression.


Knowing that good results are rooted in timing, mechanics and proper criteria, Juliana aims to help her human clients improve their training skills to more effectively communicate with their dogs and see better results. 


The videos below demonstrate Juliana's teaching and training.


Juliana is not currently taking on new clients. To learn more about working with her company, visit or email

A fun behavior sequence with Biscuit.

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